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  • Date:2011-05-30
  1. Basis: This project is established in accordance with articles of Children and Youth Welfare Law (“the Law”).
  2. Goal: To provide livelihood aid or medical subsidy to the children and youth without ability to make living to maintain their livelihood under a healthy growing environment.
  3. Beneficiaries: Any children and teenagers under 18 with household registration in Kinmen County and without receiving other arrangement sponsored by public subsidy, if it meets each of the following conditions:
    1. Both Parents or both foster parents passed away and the guardian is incapable of providing financial support.
    2. One of the parents or foster parents dies or is missing for more than 6 months and the other is incapable of providing financial support.
    3. Parents or foster parents get divorced and the party who bears the responsibility of cultivation and education is incapable of providing financial support.
    4. Any of the parents faces each of the following situations, but the other party is unable to afford the life of family:
      1. Mental illness or drug/alcohol quitting;
      2. Patient requires a hospitalization or long-term intervention due to major illness or injury;
      3. A person carries epidemic disease that is required to be quarantined for the purpose of treatment;
      4. A Person with severely physical or mental disability; or
      5. A person in prison serves a sentence of six months or more.
    5. Parents, foster parents or guardian abuse, abandon, sell, and force the children or teenagers to engage in illegal business or misuse guardianship.  Therefore, the children and teenagers are arranged to stay at a relative’s family by the authorities.
    6. A person who engaged in sexual behaviors has been counseled or guided to accept additional education or vocational training by the competent authority.
    7. The unrecognized children or youth, and their mother are unable to afford the life of family.
    8. The competent authority has been asked by the curt to take care of the children or youth and the said children or youth has been counseled or guided to accept additional education or vocational training.
    9. The families meet the requirements specified in aforesaid paragraphs, provided however that, their average divided monthly income among each person in the household falls below the amount 1.5 times as much as the lowest living index (excludes those who are listed as low-income household in Subsections 1, 2 and 3); thereby, a photocopy of disabled handbook is required for families complying with Subparagraph 1 and 4 of Article 4, or a medical diagnosis certificate issued by a teaching hospital or public hospital is required for families complying with Subparagraph 2 and 3; or the certificate in a sentence for families complying with Subparagraph 5 of Article 4.
  4. As to the evaluation standard for this living relief project, wherein, the total amount of real estate (housing appraisal value and publicly announced land value) shall not exceed NTD6.50 million; and the total amount of deposit, marketable securities and investment of all family members shall not exceed two-third (2/3) of a specific amount of money.
  5. Amount: A maximum amount of NTD1,200 is distributed per person per month, however, it will be adjusted according to the financial conditions of the county government accordingly.
  6. The following objects will not be subsidized continuously if having one of the following conditions:
    1. Those who are above 15 but without continuing study; however, for students who are still studying in schools or under vocational training, its living allowance will be extended to the month that he has reached a full eighteen (18) years of age; but the living allowance for a student any student who is over fifteen (15) years old will be executed only after receiving the photocopy of his/her student ID card that is registered and approved by the school with official stamp for current academic year.
    2. The cause for receiving the living allowance does not exist anymore.
    3. For those who have been already listed as low-income household to receive the living subsidy or those who have moved out off the county territory, the public offices shall report to the relevant offices of the county government immediately.
  7. Application procedure:
    1. Any qualified person who meets the requirements specified in Subparagraph 3, the application can directly be made by the parents, foster parents, guardian or relevant persons at public office of Hsiang/Town/City where the applicant’s household registration is made by providing the application form (as attached) along with the a complete household registration certificate transcript, household consolidated tax payment certificate and list of property inquiry and other related certificates and documents.
    2. The initial reviewal for the application will be conducted by the Hsiang/Town/City based on Survey Form of Living Subsidies and related certificates and documents, and the best qualified candidates shall be presented to the county government for final approval.
    3. Once approval, the qualified applicants will be notified to open a postal account and thereby, the relevant account numbers will be filed by the Hsiang/Town/City as well as county government for the purpose of future payment.
    4. The living allowance will be distributed starting from the specific month while receiving an official letter issued by the Hsiang/Town/City within the closing date, i.e. 15th of each month, and the payment will be transferred directly to the postal account of the applicant.
    5. The living allowance foe qualified applicants pursuant to Subparagraph 5, 6 and 8 of Article 3 will be made directly by this county government.
  8. Funding source: This payment will be incorporated into regular annual expenditure budget of the county government.
  9. This project and revision of this project will be enforced from the date of publication after obtaining the approval of the central government.